Will People Read About Farms?

woman on laptop in field with cows

You’ve got the message already–eating is an inherently political act.

Is it organic? Local? Free-range? Independently owned and operated or beholden to Big Ag? How about pesticides, preservatives, additives, and gluten? Every food decision we make says something about our budgets, our tastes, and the kind of world we want to live in.

The days of guiltless gluttony are over.

Yet we–the same people who’ve bought into the idea that conscious consumers should know where our food originates–still lack meaningful connections to the places and people responsible for its production. We believe farms have intrinsic value, but agriculture is curiously absent from our regular web haunts and water cooler talk. Why is that?

I hypothesize that agriculture news feels inaccessible. Often downright boring. And mostly irrelevant to our family, office, spiritual, educational, and consumer lives. We are wading waist-deep in information on millions of topics from hundreds of sources. We believe we can get by without knowing farms.

The purpose of this blog is to change your mind.

Growth Trends is designed to convert food enthusiasts to farm enthusiasts. To serve as a translation service between apartment-dwellers and the DIY, dirt-under-the-fingernails produce and protein farmers of America. To tell stories that move you. And to demonstrate, without embellishment or exaggeration, how what happens in rural America changes all of our lives.

Growth Trends empowers people who love food to follow their passion all the way to its sourceAnd brings the experiences and voices of farmers to a generation that doesn’t know it’s hungry for them. Yet.

What do you think?

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